Lil Yachty has been everywhere for the past year, and now the rapper has sat down to break down where his success stems from. While his label Quality Control gave him a shot, the rapper singled out A$AP Rocky and stylist Ian Connor as the people he owes his success to. Yachty said, "I owe Rocky and Ian, the whole ASAP love bro. I respect Ian, he did a lot for me. He put me in that Kanye fashion show. That helped me. Rocky let me in his house and sleep, and hang around. He took me to Kanye's studio when he was working on Life of Pablo. He f*cked with me. Rocky still shows love to this day. He checks on me and text me 'how you doing bro?' I love them n******."

Yachty also spoke on his respect for Kendrick Lamar. The rapper said, "He understands all eras. Like, when I first met Kendrick--not the first time I met, I met him before then I met him met him like sat down and talked with him--he understood me. I woulda never expect him to f*cking get me, understand me. But he gets me, understands me. He knows what I like. He gets what I do." Watch above.