A diehard Michael Jordan fan flipped the script on the MJ crying emojis he's grown to detest, after discovering a way in which it would come in handy to him. Kalen Gilleese, of Salt Lake City figured he'd knock two birds out with one stone when he hit the tattoo shop this past week. He has long figured if anybody deserves to have tears attached to their reputation, it would be Lebron James, and so he got an image of the Cavs captain sobbing on his leg.

"He's always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I've never had a lot of respect for him," Gilleese is reported as telling CNN.

Gilleese actually got the work done by his roommate Preston Schooley, who is clearly an impressive artist. The piece took three hours to complete. It is the first of what Gilleese looks forward to being a whole sleeve of athletes he'll be getting tattooed on his leg, he says.

Source: youtube.com