This past January, Kodak Black was released from the Broward County Jail in Florida, and began to get back on the path to making music and achieving success. However, it seems as if his lack of a filter may get him into hot water with fans and supporters, as he recently said he doesn't like black women

While broadcasting on Instagram Live, Kodak was answering questions from fans, when one asked if he would date actress Keke Palmer. The self-proclaimed "Project Baby" responded by saying "Keke Palmer, she straight. I'll bag her, but I don't really like black girls like that. Sort of, kind of." From there, Kodak made is preference clear by saying he likes Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. This is not the first time Kodak has voiced his preference in terms of black women, as video of the rapper in the studio surfaced where he rapped about not wanting "no black b---h." He then went on to spit a few bars breaking down the type of skin color he likes on a woman. Watch above.