Jemele Hill and Michael Smith came through for the culture in paying homage to Prodigy during Tuesday's [June 20] episode of SportsCenter. The SC6 duo compiled a list of quotes they were able to write into the script and then went about exchanging some of the legendary Mobb Deep rapper's most celebrated rhymes, on the air.

Hill and Smith never strayed from covering some of the day's biggest stories. They discussed the Cleveland Cavaliers' interest in bringing Chancey Billups aboard to join the front office, before raising the possibility of LeBron jumping ship after the organization let David Griffin go. They discussed Paul George's free agency prospects and touched on Markelle Fultz heading into draft day. But they were crafty in how they delivered the agenda, weaving in and out of bars from the likes of such classics as "Shook Ones Pt. 2," "Survival Of The Fittest," and "Eye For An Eye."

The SC6 presentation was impressive considering it was put together shortly after news surfaced on the rappers passing at 42 years old.