Young Thug put a warning out for YFN Lucci after Lucci clowned him for claiming the New Pac title on Twitter on Sunday, June 18. In short, the E.B.B.T.G. rapper suggested his fellow rapper just keep on doing what he's got to do to feed his family and keep out of his way, or else.

"Thank god u able to take care ya mama, and be humble," Thugger tweeted. "Doin too much could become a deep sleep."

Hours after Thug took to social media to claim that he is the artist Tupac never got to be, and to reveal that he is focused on finishing what the late rapper started, YFN Lucci checked his masculinity, responding, "Pac would've never wore a dress." Lucci's retort would prompt Thugger to address the low blow with a series of postings he starts off by calling him a peon.