Imagine your parents rent out a basketball court, a soccer field, and a football field; having your name printed on the backboards, the midfield line, and on the grass of both end zones, respectively; then inviting all of your friends over to join you in having a field day with none other than basketball King Lebron James. That was James' son Bryce's birthday on Sunday, June 18.

LBJ shared a video of Bryce's 10th born day and how it all came together, and by the looks of it, it appears they all had a blast. And Lebron, who is still young enough to keep up with the prepubescent gang, was no exception. It is clear by the recording that not only did the kids get some dad by the BBQ grill, they got they got the high flying, slam dunking James. They got the real thing. While at several points the future Hall of Famer is captured tossing water balloons and having a loose time, at other points it looked like he let them share the field with the actual talent they only ever get to see from the television or arena seats.

For James, it was all a pleasure, especially on Father's Day. He'd get home and share how much it meant for him to be able to give the world to his boy, writing: "There was one hefty price to pay for these kids, however—they had to deal with LeBron dominating them in every sport they played. In a video he posted on his Instagram Sunday morning, LeBron showed off highlights of him dunking on kids, catching footballs in traffic, and pelting them all with water balloons."