On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather posted a video on Instagram promoting a new hashtag challenge of his own creation in which folks are tasked with showing a true depiction of their lifestyles; apparently, it's the boxing great's rejection of fake flexing on social media.

In his debut video for the #MayweatherChallenge, Money showed off his private jet while introducing his personal pilots. And despite taking some online heat over accusations of the challenge promoting greed and material wealth above all else, Floyd Mayweather posted a second installment later the same night.

The new video features Mayweather riding in what he describes as his "custom Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine with the chinchilla carpet."

Dressed in a bright blue three-piece suit made from some opulent-looking fabric, the undefeated boxer also points out his "45 millimeter Patek Philippe white gold" watch.

You can view the clip up top.

Source: instagram.com