On May 19th 22 Savage aka Young 22 had his chain stolen at a San Antonio show. Apparently, San Antonio rapper Chris P is now in the possession of the chain and demands $20,000 for its return. According to Chris P, Young 22 was robbed during his set because he based his brand off of 21 Savage.

"N****s wasn't feeling how he did 21, with the name and all that..." - Chris P.

Chris P was the artist who performed before 22 and was able to acquire the chain after the show. In the video above, Chris P reveals the gold Travis James chain and says "there's a tag on it". According to Chris P, San Antonio is a no-fly zone. When asked if something like this would happen again, Chris P's response was yes. Rappers who come to San Antonio "need to holla at a credible source from the streets".

Do you think 22 Savage should pay for his chains return?

Source: youtube.com