From his music to his obsession with rock star Marilyn Manson, to his style of dress, many are arguing that Lil Uzi Vert is blurring the lines between a rock star lifestyle and hip hop music. However, Uzi is not the first to try and blend the two cultures together, and now Just Blaze has taken the time to point out that Uzi's push to combine genres is nothing new. Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Bryce Treggs tweeted "Lil Uzi Vert is bridging the gap between rock and hip-hop. Iconic. Hate if you want to." From there, Just Blaze gave the football player a brief history lesson, saying "Wayne said to catch him after the Rebirth. Hov said meet him at Linkin Park after his Encore. Maybe you guys can talk then."

For those who don't understand what Just Blaze is referencing, the producer is referring to rock and rap albums released by the mentioned acts. In 2004, Jay Z teamed up with rock group Linkin Park to release the album 'Collision Course,' which was a mash-up album between the two acts styles. In 2010, Lil Wayne released the album 'Rebirth,' which fused rock with hip hop, and was pushed as Wayne's rock album.

Source: Twitter