"Stealthing" made news headlines recently as a negative phenomenon taking place where a man removes the condom during sex without consent. A paper written and published by the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law introduced the topic and went viral shortly after.

Now a California lawmaker is looking to widen the definition of rape so that it includes the act of "stealthing." State representative Cristina Garcia pushed a new bill this past Monday that is looking to make stealthing a form of sexual assault. Garcia described the action as one that violates consent, exposing the victims to STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Garcia made it clear that "Stealthing is rape. Penetration without consent is rape." State Rep. Garcia pointed out that California law does not acknowledge the act of stealthing, but feels that the state should. According to the Associated Press, another state Representative from Wisconsin is pushing to require sexual partners' consent to remove condoms and other contraceptive devices during sexual intercourse.

Source: cbsnews.com