Fox Sports host Kristine Leahy has spoken out about her heated back and forth with LaVar Ball during Wednesday's episode of The Herd.

The standoff Wednesday (May 17) began after Ball was asked by Leahy to disclose how many pairs of the sneaker he sold, Ball apparently offended with statements Leahy made about his parenting skills earlier in the day responded with, "stay in your lane" while turning his back on her.

Leahy took to Fox Sports airwaves Thursday (May 18) to address the situation. “I think I’m gonna talk more about this later on ‘Speak for Yourself,’ some of the other issues that have come up,” Leahy said. “Now I’m getting death threats, so, I’ll leave it at that,”

"LaVar Ball has every right to disagree with anything that I say...I enjoy debate; I just like it to be respectful." Leahy said.

While back on The Herd, Leahy continued her remarks. “He can disagree with everything I have to say and do it passionately...but have some respect, don’t threaten me, don’t make personal jokes, don’t mock me, and don’t say you’re not going to look me in the eye."

Check out the clip above.