Additional footage from Adrien Broner's arrest, following an attempt on his life by unidentified gunmen in Kentucky last month, was obtained by TMZ on Monday, May 15. The recording, which was taken from the body cam of one of the investigating officers, points out the numerous bullet holes that pierced Broner's SUV rental, with shots pockmarking the roof, rear and driver's side door.

Following a brief summary of how Broner appeared before authorities seeking assistance, a separate Cincinnati officer approached him in order to get a better sense of exactly what had gone down."Somebody shooting at me 'cause I'm rich. Because I'm rich and I made it. They're jealous," Broner insisted when asked whether he has any idea of who the shooters could have been.

Although it wasn't for anything major, Broner would be cuffed on an outstanding warrant, shortly after coming into the company of the officers at the scene. Hours earlier the former lightweight and welterweight champion was enjoying the night at G'Moni's bar on Queen City Ave. He has explained that shortly after peeling off from the establishment he realized he was being followed, and a chase ensued, which picked up as he heard guns blasting from behind him.