Veteran music executive L.A. Reid has resigned from his position as head of Epic Records, it was reported on Thursday, May 11.

Reid spent nearly six years Epic's chairman and CEO, bringing such artists as Mariah Carey, Meghan Trainor, Future, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, French Montana and Diddy's Bad Boy label, on board during his tenure. In that time he has overseen continued success, with two number 1 albums notched already this year [both courtesy of Future]. Thus, his decision to leave is throwing some in the industry as sudden.

Reid hasn't formally announced a reason for his exit, but it is suspected that he might be parting with the same man he came in behind, as his move comes only weeks after Sony invited Rob Stringer over from Columbia Records to take over the CEO position atop the entire corporation. Reid came into the fold in 2011. He was brought in by Doug Morris, with whom he had spent years working with under Universal Music Group. Thus Morris and Reid came in together that year, and earlier this year Morris announced his departure.

Sony Music has not given a statement on Reid's departure.