The town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee threw it's 32nd annual Dolly Parton Homecoming Parade on Friday, May 5, and while the entertainers, marching bands, festive floats, and military veterans who were promised to be in attendance, all showed up to honor the legendary singer, it might be noted that the American flag wasn't the only one flying proudly along the route. And while there might have been red, white, and green Cinco de Mayo representations out in public around some of the nation's diverse cities, there wasn't a Mexican flag in sight at the Parton parade. But there were a few Confederate battle flags.

Video of what appears to be the main representative of the Confederacy to walk the parkway got out on social media over the weekend, and it began to spread quickly once the recording began to find its way into Black circles. That's because the flag-barer at the 2017 Dolly Parton Homecoming was a hooting, hollering, Black man.

The 71-year-old Parton was indeed on hand and featured in an ideal sense as it's Grand Marshall. She is known for having come back and contributed to her Sevier County birthplace throughout her 50-year career. And while Parton isn't known for being a personal supporter of the Confederacy per se, many of the demographic of people among whom she was raised during her rural upbringing are. Thus the symbolism isn't exactly out of place at the singer's homecoming.

As the gentleman, dressed in the uniform of the Confederate soldier, travels along the route, the video picks up the voices of townspeople thanking him for his service. The person shooting the footage is heard asking that folks call New Orleans and request that they cease taking down historical Confederate monuments. As the recording comes to a close, the soldier and the cameraman engage, with the cameraman interjecting after the soldier asks a woman to talk dirty to him. "How's walk faster? Is that dirty enough?" he tells the soldier.