Jordan Edwards was among many teens attending a house party in a local Dallas suburb when reports of shots being fired rang out shortly after 11 pm. An innocent bystander, Edwards left the party in a panic and drove away in the passenger's seat of a friend's car, only to be shot in the head by police responding to the scene.

The Police Department had this to say on Sunday [April 30]:

"There was an unknown altercation with a vehicle backing down the street toward the officers in an aggressive manner. An officer shot at the vehicle striking the front seat passenger."

Yesterday, [May 1st] Police Chief Jonathan Haber revealed during a press conference that the video of the shooting reveals that the vehicle in question was actually “moving forward as the officers approached,” with a "rifle wound" to the head being the cause of death.

The Police department later updated the press release to this after the Police Chief's press conference:

"Officers confronted a vehicle backing down the street and despite multiple verbal commands from the officer, the vehicle continued to reverse, backing into the main roadway. The vehicle then pulled forward as the officer began to approach the vehicle, giving verbal commands. The vehicle continued the main roadway driving away from the officer as an officer shot into the vehicle, striking the passenger."

The family lawyer had this to say: “We’ve heard excuses before in the past: You know why it happens because the dads aren’t present. That excuse isn’t here. Or the kid was violent. That excuse isn’t present here.”

The officer involved in the shooting has not been charged and will be interviewed after he "gets a chance to decompress."

RIP Jordan Edwards

Source: NY Times