A 15-year-old passenger in a car full of teenagers, was shot and killed by police responding to a shooting at a house party they were attempting to escape and find safety from on Sunday, April 30.

Jordan Edwards, a straight-A student at Mesquite High School, was among the dozens in attendance at the Balch Springs jam when just before 11 p.m. shots rang out. Edwards and three of his friends, along with his brother, dashed for the vehicle they arrived in only to hear a second round of shots as they peeled off, with Jordan's brother behind the wheel. In an instant, they realized the second round had been aimed at them, shattering a window and fatally striking Jordan, who sat slumped in the passenger seat. The shots had come from police that had arrived on the scene.

Details of what lead to the tragic shooting death remain murky. Police had initially headed out to find out what was going on when they received a call about under-age drinking at a party. According to reports, they would then hear gunshots while investigating and were subsequently faced with a vehicle aggressively driving towards them. They also report having heard the passenger in the vehicle [Jordan] hollering profanities, before they opened fire.

A lawyer for the victims family has said that the boys were unarmed and had not been drinking that night. The officer responsible for firing the fatal shot has been placed on administrative leave for the duration of the city's investigation into the incident.

Source: nydailynews.com