Duston Holloway lists himself as single on Facebook. It hasn't been that way for long. Up until recently, the Emory, TX construction company superintendent was in a relationship he'd regularly share about with his social media community. But things changed last week when Holloway came home to find his girl in bed with another man. According to some sources, her very own step-brother.

Holloway was hurt, but in opening up about the incident to his network, he's received a ton of support, as the story has come back to him from far and wide after going viral. On Monday, April 24, he posted messages showing words of sympathy he's received from California, Louisiana, Jordan, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, among other places. Their reactions come in response to photos Holloway took of his ex laying up with the shirtless home breaker.

"I've had thousands of messages thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world congratulated me on being a better man and walking away. I have pride and respect. I'm amazed at the way this had turned into yesterday I thought my world fell apart. I was heartbroken to ever witness anything like that," he wrote in a message he has posted to thank supporters.

Source: boxden.com