DynastySeries.com model Layla Lace dropped a bombshell story on social media this week, claiming that she has learned she is now expecting a child, and that she is positive Drake is the father. She confirmed these wild accusations to as a Jazzie Belle on the Streetsweeper radio show.

Layla went public with the claim on April 18, when she posted to Instagram with a rant in which she tags the hip-hop star after accusing him of cutting her off after she informed him that they had conceived. "So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone," Layla wrote. In the days since a lot has gone done, with a positive pregnancy test floating around and Drake having come forth to deny the allegations.

A dispute has also sprung up about a text message between Layla and OVO affiliate DJ Spade, who is alleged to have introduced the two some time ago. Just as the news began to pick up speed in the press, Spade published the message, in which Layla is exposed as having admitted that she is simply looking to benefit from the attention her accusations will bring. "It will be too late lol publicity will make me $ even if he don't want me idc," the text reads at one point. Layla has refuted the validity of the message.

Source: worldstarhiphop.com