Late NFL player Will Smith was shot dead by a man named Cardell Hayes during an incident that also left his wife Racquel Smith injured. Now, news has surfaced that 29-year-old Hayes was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of Smith, as well as the shooting of his wife. He was given 25 years with out a possibility of a parole, and 15 years for attempted manslaughter.

The judge gave some thoughts about the case, saying, "Many things have been said regarding this case. The court does feel compelled to say how profoundly sad and tragic this case is, that three (Smith) children have lost their father, a wife her husband, and a family their cherished loved one. The Hayes family also has experienced loss. However, we are a society that functions based on the adherence to the law. Whatever happened that night, this court finds it does not warrant what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Hayes spoke his peace during the case, speaking directly to Racquel Smith, saying, "I feared for my life. I didn't just purposely do this. I'm not proud of it. I can't blame you for hating me or feeling how you do about me, but I wish I could take back what happened that night." Hayes also said, "I wish it had never happened. I wish we'd never encountered that situation. The result is Will not being there for his kids, for his family. I know you're saying I'm still here for my kid, but I'm really not here for mine, either." Hayes' sentences are going to be served concurrently.