It is too bad Charlie Murphy didn't live to see Dave Chappelle's come back reach full fruition. The former Chappelle's Show comedian continues to make noise after making his return from hiatus complete with his Netflix delivery of the first comedy special he's done in 13 years. Deep in the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin, both released on the same day, each proved to be an immediate success, it turns out, as the movie streaming giant announced them to have already become the most viewed comedy specials in Netflix history.

The news signifies a great payoff for Netflix, which awarded Chappelle with a $60 million contract to deliver a total of three specials. The release of his final special with the platform is yet to have been announced, but it promises to bring Chappelle loyalists back, along with a new generation of fans, who may remain curious as to why Dave has received such great praise for his groundbreaking work.

While Chappelle's new performances have shown to be wildly popular, they have also drawn a lot of criticism from fans who are questioning how his material approaches the subjects of rape and transgender people.