Rapper Troy Ave recently released his 'NuPac' project, and on the album, he claims that he was supposed to sign with Top Dawg Entertainment. However, the rapper noted that the ink never dried, saying, "the whole s*** just fell through."

Troy Ave gave more insight into the situation via the 32-minute track "Truth Be Told PSA," detailing what he had to do to keep his career afloat while in jail. The Brooklyn rapper revealed that Kendrick Lamar sent a message to him saying that he sees what he is going through and to send his love. From there, Ave's manager Hovain spoke to Ave letting him know that he had a plan. According to Ave, he told his manager, "We gonna go out west when I come home and sign with TDE."

These thoughts differ from what Troy Ave has said in the past, even going as far as calling Kendrick Lamar a "weirdo rapper." However, on the track, Ave clarified that he always had an admiration for TDE, saying, "I always liked what they was doing. They kinda independent like us but way bigger because they went and got with a major. They got s*** that I like to see, like loyalty and unity, that type of s***. Cool. I give [Hovain] the whole play. Of course, he can't make that happen at all. At all. He doesn't make it happen. The whole s** just fell through."

Source: complex.com