Tech N9ne is hoping the create a song that features both Billy Joel and Eminem.

The underground legend was speaking with Minnesota’s Go 95.3 earlier this week when he revealed his master plan. Tech said that he was inspired by Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” and hoped that Elton John could help him secure a co-sign from the Long Island crooner. “When Elton John said my name while looking for a record of mine in Vancouver, I thought about how him and Billy Joel toured together a lot. I thought, maybe Elton John can hook me up with Billy Joel!,” said Tech N9ne. “I really need to talk to him [Billy Joel] because I have a big plan for me and Eminem on this record.” Tech told HipHopDX last month that his lawyer actually knows Elton John’s manager and might be able to connect the two. He gushed about it while speaking with the outlet. “My lawyer out there in L.A. knows his manger, so we’ve connected already. We just haven’t gotten on the phone yet. I can’t wait.”

Tech and Eminem collaborated on two songs including “Speedom” from his album Special Effects and earlier in their careers on Sway and King Tech’s “The Anthem.” After their first collaboration, each rapper took a different route with Eminem dominating the mainstream world while Tech broke new ground going totally independent. He described how he was able to get Eminem on “Speedom” so many years later while speaking with BET back in 2015. “[Eminem did the verse for nothing but a swap,” he said. “I was flabbergasted cause I know it costs so much to get Eminem and he’s worth every penny, and for him to say, ‘I just want a song from you for this,’ that made me feel really beautiful that he felt like that about my music.”