Roadrun CMoe narrowly escaped death on Tuesday night, March 28. The Dallas rapper was on his way to Tootsies Cabaret in Miami, when smoke rearing up from beneath him forced him to pull over on the highway and evacuate his BMW i8. Roadrun then took out his phone and captured the moments that followed, as flames began to burst and ultimately consume the vehicle.

"i8 Beamer. Burning to hell," Roadrun CMoe is heard saying as he recorded the first of a two part video of the blaze. In the caption of the second video CMoe tries to make sense of the incident, writing, "When u keep getting blessed cuz ya never f***ed up w nobody‼️ That's the only thing I can think of. I got plenty envious n****s in my face everyday but I still look pass the hate while I got other obstacles in my life that's trying stop me‼️"