Online hecklers and trolls beware! Remy Ma ain't here for the disrespect.

The Terror Squad rap queen took to Instagram on Saturday, March 25 for anyone who thinks they can just violate her on her own page. I'ma f***ing block you! I might even take up the time to f***ing personally @ you and violate you," she said.

Remy explained being holed up in her Las Vegas hotel room while quarantined for undisclosed reasons, when she came upon some followers she assumes are either new to her page, or simply forgot who they were dealing with in bad mouthing the rapper. "You can't comment what you want on my page," she reminded fans. "Soon as I get some time, I am going to go on a f***ing blocking spree," she then warned, stating her plans to not only cut off followers leaving insulting comments but those who like those insulting comments as well.