Toronto artist Nav has been getting attention for his Travis Scott collaboration "Biebs in the Trap" and his song "Some Way" with The Weeknd, and with his newfound fame, people are taking notice of the Indian rapper saying the n-word in his songs.

Nav raps on the Travis Scott collaboration, "And she snorting three lines like Adidas/Got a black girl rolling off molly/Got a white b**** snorting up snow/Say she want real n***as in the party/Parents gon' leave the keys to the condo."

Listeners on Twitter that are familiar with Nav's music have been calling him out, which was amped up after The FADER published an opinion piece titled, "Why We Can’t Give South Asian Artists Who Say The N-Word A Pass." The article pointed out that other non-black artists, including Kreayshawn, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, and French Montana have been questioned over their documented use of the n-word.

What are your thoughts on Nav's use of the n-word in his songs? Check out some reactions from Twitter users up top.

Source: The FADER