Live & Outloud podcast host Khia is back to provoking Remy Ma, targeting the Terror Squad rap queen in several of what amounted to nearly two dozen shady video clips she posted to Instagram over the weekend.

Fans will recall Khia expressing her lust for Papoose in a recording that went viral a couple of weeks ago. She referred to the Brooklyn lyricist as a "Black king" and expressed an urge to share her reaction to Remy's "Shether" diss track, but said she was willing to remain hush to keep from upsetting Pap. Days later she would post a selfie of her wearing a Papoose shirt that she thanked a fan for sending her, in the image's caption. But it looks like she couldn't hold off on giving her take on the beef for too long, coming to Nicki's defense in the video while blasting Remy for taking her focus off of her man to put it on another woman.

"Ooh! If I had a husband like Papoose, I would be too busy lovin' and pleasin' and f***in' and suckin my man. I would'nt have time to be worrying about no motherf***ing Nicki Minaj, b***h," Khia said, while sipping a Ciroc mixed drink. "You old as hell, you well into your motherf***ing 40's. What in the f**k is you dissing for? We too old for that."

"F**k You Dissing For? We too old for that."