Ex-NFL quarterback and ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams, Kordell Stewart recently won a $3 million settlement in a case against the “I’m not gay anymore” internet sensation Andrew Caldwell who claimed that the two were in a relationship. He claimed to have dated Stewart and was allegedly showered with expensive gifts.

On March 10, according to documents from a court in Georgia, Stewart, 44 was awarded $1.5 million in damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages stating that his reputation was ruined by the damning accusations in 2015. Originally, he filed suit against Caldwell, 38, for $4.5 Million under claims of emotional distress, permanent damage to his image, loss of earnings. He claimed to have lost between $875,000 to $1 million due to being forced to turn down speaking and hosting engagements along with a variety of other major events.

The accusation came in October 2015 when Caldwell made an appearance on The Shake Up Show and revealed their alleged “one-time” relationship. He stated, “I dated Kordell,” and when asked to explain who in particular he was speaking of he replied, “Kordell... with Porsha.” He then proceeded to tell the hosts that they met 'in a bar, in a restaurant', and said that after shaking his hand he replied, “Oh my God, it's you.”

He then proclaimed, “I am going to tell the women and I am going to tell Miss Porsha: "Darling, you know damn well he is gay! If you're gay, you can just get a vibe from someone and know they are, too.” Caldwell claimed that Steward bought him expensive cars and purses.

The former Pittsburg Steelers quarterback, vehemently denying the claims stated that the Caldwell declared this during his marriage with Williams with the intent to critically harm them and says that he has been a straight male his entire life. Also, he claimed that his 9-year-old son Syre was bullied and that the claims were “false and defamatory”.

Source: dailymail.co.uk