Jay-Z and Beyonce are said to be looking for new place to call their own, with the coming of their twin babies requiring they plan for more space. According to reports, they've got their eyes on British heiress Petra Stunt Ecclestone's estate.

The property reportedly gained the couple's favor after Bey toured it's 57,000 square feet and expressed a longing to place a bid on it back in January. This, according to publications The Sun and Radar. One unnamed source is reported to confirmed that "'They loved the space and the size, they just need to work out if it’s the right fit for the future. They said they want to get a good deal, though, so they were keen on getting the price down."

The actual resident structure has 123 rooms and includes an aquarium, nightclub, and bowling alley. There is also a tennis court, swimming pool, pond and citrus orchard on the 4.7 acres of land.

The nine-figure tag makes Ecclestone's estate the most expensive property on the market in Los Angeles. According to the report, the Carters are looking to bring the $200-million price tag down to a more modest $105-million.

Source: dailymail.co.uk