Joey Fatts, D Savage, and Eddy Baker were headed to Virginia Beach to kick off their "At Your Neck Tour" when their plans were thwarted by the law. Fatts took to social media with a video of them sitting on a grassy patch on the side of the road as police searched their vehicle, and were reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana.

“We in Memphis n***a. Taking n****s to jail man, we still thuggin’ man. Fuck these b***h a** n****s man. Memphis over here tripping talking about they found 20 ounces in our van," Fatts says on the recording. "We just got pulled over in OKC and they searched our van with dogs and all that.”

Joey Fatts and D Savage were headed up and down the East Coast in early March, with shows scheduled for New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania in the coming days, before they head out West later this month. The tour also includes performances by Eddy Baker, Aston Matthews, Villain$, Vinny P, J-Rey, Swag Toof and LIL KOBE.