Yikes! Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth recently shared a cringeworthy video on Instagram of removing a bullet from his own arm. The round had apparently been lodged in his arm for years before he popped it out, leaving a gaping bloody hole where the piece of lead once resided.

In 2012, Trae was involved in a shooting in Houston after a performance. According to reports, 20 shots were fired, and the aftermath left Trae with a bullet in his shoulder, and three people killed, including his friend Carlos Durell "Dinky D" Dorsey. Trae spoke about the incident, saying that he was left bleeding at the hospital, adding that he "didn't get no bandage, I ain't get no stitches, they didn't take the bullet out, none of that."

You can check out the clip up top, but be warned, it's kind of hard to watch.

Source: instagram.com