While it appears as though Chris Brown has continued about with the everyday business of his life over the past 24 hours, Soulja Boy has been busy finalizing their anticipated celebrity boxing match and making rounds to promote the event. Since confirming that plans to organize the fight are indeed in motion, Brown has been relatively silent in comparison to Soulja Boy, who has officially linked up with The Money Team and began doing interviews with Floyd Mayweather by his side.

During the latest snippet of their sit-down with Hollywood Unlocked, which will be released online, Mayweather goes about assisting Soulja Boy in getting some of the backstory to his beef with Chris for viewers. In doing so, the boxing great ponders aloud about how it could be that both Soulja and Brown can rep a city they weren't born or raised in. The question comes after Soulja Boy proclaims to be from "Bompton," as he speaks on being an alleged member of the Fruit Town Piru Bloods.

"Chris Brown is from Virginia and you're from Atlanta. And I asked him, like, how do you guys have a neighborhood? I mean, how are you guys from a neighborhood out here?" Floyd says quizzically. Soulja Boy responds by stating that he joined the street gang after moving to the West Coast. He then attempted to help his explanation out by recalling that he's been banging since he was a pre-teen fighting in middle school.

Source: instagram.com