Soulja Boy has been going off on his Twitter account threatening several people in his war against Lil Yachty, which began over model India Love. Now, he's set his sites on Rico Recklezz. After the Chi-Town rapper put out a diss track called "No Talking" against the SODMG head, Soulja tweeted that he was too big to make a response record against an unsigned Chicago rapper. He continued, saying Rico would be dead before 2017 and that he was putting a $100K bounty on his head.

Soulja Boy reportedly FaceTimed several Chicago rappers trying to fulfill the hit he put on Rico. Billionaire Black was apparently one of those rappers, and he revealed a conversation between him and Soulja on Instagram. Black requested $10,000, and then $20,000 from Soulja Boy or he would leak the video he recorded of Soulja telling him to kill Rico.

Soulja pleaded with Black not to leak the video, first offering him a verse, then noting that the video release could land him in jail. Soulja continued to beg Black to talk to him on the phone, but he appeared unmoved.

Skrill Dilly filed a lawsuit against Soulja Boy for allegedly putting a $10,000 bounty on his head in an August Instagram video, after the New Orleans rapper defended Soulja's ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley. There were reports that Skrill and Nia were dating, but both of them denied those claims.