It's been a decade to be exact since Pusha T and Lil Wayne had a falling out that would lead to a plethora of subliminal exchanges over the years. For nearly half of that time he's been letting Drake know he could get it too. And much the same way it doesn't appear Push is ready to hang up his perennial claim to oversee the top of the bars game, it is clear his rivalry with the Cash Money duo has yet seen it's last days. That much was made apparent with the release of "H.G.T.V." on Thursday, October 13. Nestled In the G.O.O.D Music president's hookless single is a bar or two that does some poking.

“It’s too far gone when the realest ain’t real,” Push raps in the verse. “I walk amongst the clouds, so your ceilings ain’t real/ These ni**as ‘Call of Duty’ ’cause they killings ain’t real/ With a questionable pen so the feeling ain’t real.”

Considering the history involved, it's difficult to overlook how close "too far gone" comes to sounding like "So Far Gone," the precursor to Drake's official debut. In the very next line, Push taunts "your ceilings ain't real," which pretty clearly invokes Wayne's "No Ceilings" mixtape released that same year. He then, of course, goes on to resuscitate the ghostwriting allegations that have challenged the OVO artist's reputation over the past year.

Pusha T's beef with Lil Wayne dates all the way back to 2006 when a dispute over whether Wayne was biting The Clipse' style was brought to wax on "Mr. Me Too." The rappers would proceed to trade shots on numerous tracks in the years to follow, with Push introducing Drake into the quarrel on "Exodus 23:1" in 2012.