Comedian Tracy Morgan appeared on The Breakfast Club and talked about the accident in 2014 where a Walmart semi truck crashed into his limo, killing his friend and leaving him severely injured.

Charlamagne brought up a comment Morgan said on The View about feeling funnier than ever before and talking to the late comedian Richard Pryor while he was in a coma after the accident.

"I like to say that. I was up there to party and Richard [Pryor| was there, and Lucille Ball was there, and [Jackie] Gleason was there, George Carlin, then God said 'yo it's time to go,'" said Morgan. "And I looked back at Richard cause I ain't wanna leave him, and he just winked his eye and said 'stay funny.' So I took that and rolled with it."

Charlamagne asked if that was a real vision, to which Morgan said, "yes."

"I don't know if I was in a coma or anything," said Morgan. "I was heavily sedated because I pulverized my femur, I broke every bone in my face so it was a lot of pain."

DJ Envy brought up that many people didn't know exactly how critically injured Morgan was after the accident. There were no pictures taken of him, and he remained out of the public eye until he healed.

"A lot of people didn't know, I was well insulated. I was well insulated. Nobody needed to know. Nobody needed to know," Morgan repeated. "Let me heal. I know we live in an age where it's all about information, no, nobody needed to know that."

"Nobody needed to see no pictures of me in no coma, I don't care about none of that. And my family, my wife ain't having that! Ain't nobody taking pictures of nothing, let that man heal, period," Morgan said sternly. "People don't take life serious enough, but if you go into a coma for ten days, you'll see, you'll see. Trust me, you think about it, you think about not being here no more."

Morgan reportedly received a $90 million settlement from Walmart and is preparing to play the late Redd Foxx in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.