Yet another recording in which Donald Trump reveals himself in a questionable light surfaced on Wednesday, October 12, with him engaging a child in a fashion which some may consider predatory.

The Entertainment Tonight video footage dates back to 1992 and was shot in the lobby of his Trump Tower in New York City. In it, his voice can be heard as he asks a 10-year-old girl if she is going up the escalator. He follows up by telling someone nearby, "I'm going to be dating her in 10 years. Could you believe it?"

Trump has been under siege for nearly a week, getting hit by one scandal after another since last Friday, when an old recording leaked of him telling Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that he kisses women without asking, and can simply grab any female he want's by the genitals due to his celebrity status. On Sunday, a second recording began to circulate, this time of him affirming Howard Stern's request that he be able to call his daughter, Ivanka, a "piece of a**." By the work-week, the floodgates had been opened, with former executives and staff members of The Apprentice saying that they possess additional content that speaks to the republican candidate's character, with sources saying that in at least one recording, he is heard using the N-word.