Colin Kaepernick in his now infamous pre-game kneeling position is on the cover of Time Magazine.

The San Francisco 49er quarterback can be seen on the cover of the October issue with the article title “The Perilous Fight: National anthem protests led by Colin Kaepernick are fueling a debate about privilege, pride and patriotism.” Kaepernick ruffled the feathers of millions of football fans when he decided to kneel during the national anthem last month to protest against police brutality in America. The move had mixed reactions but has received support from some of his teammates as well as from other NFL players. One of those players is Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins. “We’re not doing this made-up thing to get attention,” said Jenkins in the Time cover story. “Real lives are being lost. Real communities are being affected. The negativity comes from people’s unwillingness to digest the hard truth.”

Kaepernick’s stand against police brutality came shortly before the death of two more black men at the hands of police and fiery protests in Charlotte, North Carolina. A Black man named Keith Lamont was shot and killed by police this week. Terrence Crutcher, another black man in Oklahoma, was also gunned down by authorities. The officers shot him after he allegedly refused to follow their commands. The entire ordeal was caught on a dash cam and from a helicopter above.