Reactions to the recent shooting death of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher by a police officer in Tulsa, have continued to ripple through social media since video of the incident was released on Monday, September 19. By Wednesday morning, dozens of tweets and Instagram posts from some of the society's most celebrated public figures expressed shock and outrage at how swiftly the father of four was cut down while holding his hands raised in the air. A good many of those reactions came from the world of sports, as athletes find themselves confronted with questions of whether they, like Colin Kaepernick, will use their platform to protest the oppression of Black people by law enforcement.

"We must come together MORE! We must show our strength as a Black Community MORE! Or we will continue to wake up to stories of US being shot down like WE don't matter. We must show that we matter to each other MORE! We must all do MORE!," Dwyane Wade wrote in the caption of a meme with Crutcher's name hashtagged on it. "#WEAREMORE," he tagged the post.

As the hashtag #EnoughIsEnough trended across the internet, Wade was joined by other players from the NBA, including Chris Paul, who rote "Our country is better than this." Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook would follow, expressing rage as both questioned why Crutcher was killed with impunity while New York City/ New Jersey terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken alive. "I guess being Black is worse than being a terrorist," Rondo said. "Stop making excuses. His color got him killed," said Westbrook.

Among those who have also spoken out were Brandon Marshall, Kenny Vaccaro, Enes Kanter, Eric Reid, Troy Stokes, Kayvon Webster, Nick Young, Prince Amukamara, Darius Butler, Kenny Bell, Steven Johnson, Chris Conley, Mark Ingram, Chris Harris and Malcolm Jenkins.