It looks like things got a bit heated between Jim Jones and convenience store workers at a gas station earlier this week after the rapper couldn’t pay for his purchase as a result, of them not having enough change in their till to break his bill. Unfortunately, the situation only escalated from there, resulting in store clerks deciding to place a 911 call on Jones for not being able to produce a smaller bill for his purchase

Things went zero to a hundred real quick inside of the gas station following Jones eating a piece of candy and not being able to pay for his purchase with $100 bill. This infuriated the clerks so much, that they eventually placed a 911 call, forcing the cops to come out and mediate the ridiculous situation. Jones who obviously had time for the drama on that particular day, antagonized store clerks and insisted that they call the police about the petty complaint, all while berating them for not having change.

Following the police arriving to diffuse the situation, Jones who filmed the whole incident shared, “Today was entertaining. I had a blast.”

Wow. All of that for a piece of candy?? Watch the madness above.