Sunday night in NYC following the VMAs proved to be a wild evening for many celebrities partying it up at various after parties to commemorate the big event. However, some people may have taken the phrase, “party like a rockstar” a little too much to heart, following rapper, G-Eazy allowing himself to be filmed allegedly sniffing cocaine off some random topless woman’s breasts.

Following the rapper sharing the stage with pop icon Brittney Spears, in an extremely touchy-feely performance from the pair, it now looks like we know how G-Eazy took the edge off things following their nerve wrecking performance during the live broadcast. According to reports, directly following the show, the 27-year-old Oakland, CA native was seen partying it up in a club and snorting a line of blow off some unidentified woman's breast, while being filmed and cheered on by crowd spectators. Definitely not a good look. In the words of Rick James, "cocaine is a helluva drug!"

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