Despite Kanye West’s passionate four minute speech on Sunday night at MTV’s VMAs where he attempted to set the record straight on the messy subject matter, Ray J was less than enthused by his shout out during the show and called West out as an egotistical “hypocrite.”

Following West’s lengthy spill at the VMAs on Sunday where he touched on the controversial topic, Ray J wasted no time in calling the rapper out for being a hypocrite when wanting to express his art, but had nothing but criticism for Ray after he released his 2013 track, “I Hit it First.” According to reports, Ray is not thrilled with Kanye or Kim, following his ex, condoning her husband to do the most, regardless of the strain being placed on him and his new bride, Princess Love.

In addition to West involuntarily including Ray in the unwanted drama by representing him in the “Famous” visual, West also addresses Ray in the “Highlights” track, where he raps, I bet Ray J and me would be friends / If we ain’t love the same bitch / Yeah he might have hit it first / Only problem is I’m rich.”

It looks like Ray wants West to keep his name out of his mouth altogether.

Would you agree with Ray, is West a hypocrite?