Dhoruba Bin Wahad spoke about being involved in the Panther 21 case in the late 1960s in New York, where the members were being accused of planning attacks in the city. Dhoruba explained that there was agents undercover trying to get information on the group who were recording radical statements made by other people they didn't know were also agents. He pointed out that the confusing situation led to a case being brought against the group that lasted eight months and was one of the most expensive cases in New York history at the time.

In the end, all 156 charges were dropped against the group, although Dhoruba said that the judge conspired to make the group lose the case. He explained that the judge showed a movie about the Algerian Revolution to the jury, falsely claiming that they used it as a tool to turn people into revolutionaries, which the jury didn't go along with.

To hear more of what Dhoruba had to say about the case and being the Field Secretary for the New York chapter of the Black Panthers hit the above clip.