It looks like just about everyone has a problem with Drake right about now following an amped up performance on Sunday night where he dissed his rival, Meek Mill during his Philadelphia stop of the Summer Sixteen Tour. Radio personality and former Drake proponent, Peter Rosenberg was decidedly not feeling the “six god” after he took to Twitter and blasted Drake for “trying to be hard and stir things up,” when according to Rosenberg, Drake is as equally soft as him.

On Monday afternoon, Hot 97’s Rosenberg took to Twitter to get some things off his chest and let off a series of shots aimed at Drake as a result of him performing “Back to Back,” in Mill’s hometown on Sunday night. In a series of tweets, Rosenberg goes off suggesting that Drake is “gassed” on himself following him disrespecting Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex, and is now looking to reignite beef for no particular reason. Rosenberg shares, “disappointed in @Drake ...someone has you really gassed bro ... dissing hot in NYC, Meek in Philly...youre an actor bro..youre as soft as me. there was NO need for @Drake to reignite things with Meek .. he's always been realer than you..your content is MEANINGLESS. ... @Drake wouldn't have been the toughest kid in my hebrew school ... stop ... make hits for the club...dont try to be hard please...EVER. And before people start going at me -- let me remind you ... I DONT CARE what DRAKE STANS have to say ... EVER …I dont hate Drake at all...hes super talented and has taken hip hop to a great place...but trying to be hard and stir things up is LAME.”

Yikes! Rosenberg definitely went in. See full Twitter rant in the gallery above. Do you agree with Rosenberg’s sentiments on Drake, or not so much? Share your opinions below.