Marisa Mendez blasted back at Joe Budden for firing her through a text message and refusing to talk about it when he interviewed with the Hot 97 morning show yesterday.

Budden said he did not want to discuss the matter publicly, but hosts Ebro and Peter Rosenberg kept prodding. Joe ended up storming out after he felt cornered. A fan questioned Mendez about the altercation this morning and asked if she thinks Joe’s relationship with Cyn Santana had anything to do with it. “What the heck would someone Joe is dealing with have to do anything? Ppl love pitting women against each other,” she responded. She then asked Budden why he would come up to the morning show when he had issues with two people there. The rapper told her he didn’t have any issues, and that set Mendez off. “I’m not gonna sit here and act big and bad like that sh*t didn’t hurt. F**k the pod...But that a “friend” ASSUMED some sh*t and then did that,” she wrote on Twitter. “But God works in mysterious ways. I don’t do drama, I’m not into back and forth, nada. It’s always love from me. It is what it is”

Mendez worked on Budden’s “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” and was recently let go for speaking about the rapper’s conversation with Drake on the air. She was angry with Joe for not calling her or firing her in a face to face meeting. She felt slighted by the text and this, among other things, caused the uproar at the morning show yesterday.