Recorded calls that include threats from Zulu Nation members to Afrika Bambaataa's alleged molestation victim Ronald Savage have surfaced.

The calls were dug up by Vice’s Thump and are two taped conversations between Savage and Zulu top lieutenants including Mickey Bentson. The threats were made after Savage’s interview with Star when he first accused the hip-hop pioneer of sexual abuse. Bentson threatens Savage with violence on the call. “You damn hurt everybody in our whole organization, bro—and we would not expect that from you,” says Bentson in the call. [If it were] anybody else [but you] we’d be like, ‘Man, f**k that n***a. ‘We’d tear that n***a’s head off. Stomp him the f**k out, B. For real, B. He’d be missing in action.” Bentson later reveals his identity during the call.

The call took place just one day after Savage’s interview on The Star Chamber. Benston told him in the conversation that he wasn’t forced into anything. “Anything a motherf**ker did—he wanted to do it, man. Ain’t nobody force nobody to do nothing, bro. Ain’t nobody put no knife to their throat, didn’t put no gun to their head—no one took no bat to their face. N***as did what they wanted to do, man, because they wanted to do that.” As the call continues, Bentson tells Savage that he’s “hurting the brand” that they have and said he only came clean so he can sell more books. Savage defends himself by saying that it isn’t about money for him.

In another call, Savage is threatened by high ranking Zulu member Saladeen Walker. “Bee-Stinger, do me a favor, man: write a retraction,” he says to Savage who's referred to by his nickname in the clip. “[You were bugging out...You like family. IF something was to happen to you, I would feel really f**king bad about it.” Savage says he hasn’t spoken to Walker since the call which took place in March 2016.