Marcus Vick put his business out before the public on Tuesday, July 26, and with it came the dirty laundry of a couple of others whose lives have intersected with his. Through a series of tweets that were increasingly telling, the former Virginia Tech QB standout, and brother of four-time Pro Bowler Michael Vick, alleged that his ex Delicia Cordon has herpes, and implicated Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy as the person responsible for passing it on to her.

The succession of four posts, over which Vick went from saying "N****s need to stop spreading herpes," to outright exposing McCoy when he tagged his name, writing “Damn @CutOnDime25 gave my babymama them herpes he got,” after calling Cordon "tainted" and alleging that she contracted the virus while "chasing money", spanned the course of four days, beginning July 23. While many of his followers seemed to scratch their heads as to what would bring the troubled 32-year-old to go such lengths, it wasn't until the mother of his child herself put him on notice, that he would ease up, writing: "While your bitter a** is tweeting lies how about I tweet about what u did in 2012 ... I'm sure your brother can pay me off like he did others."

Vick began to spill the beans a few days ago when a random message taunted that McCoy "stole" Cordon from him. He laughed the exchange off, but while doing so was sure to throw shots, writing "he have herpes anyway." Check out the messages up top.