Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, spoke exclusively to VladTV about her book, "X: A Novel," and her thoughts on the hardships her father faced during his life. She revealed that she wrote the book to give fans a background on her father's upbringing and childhood, which hasn't widely been reported on in history.

During the conversation, she also spoke about some of the difficult times in Malcolm's childhood, including his father's lynching, the instituationalization of his mother, and the firebombing of their home. Ilyasah added that Malcolm's home was also firebombed when he was an adult, and the flame ignited in the nursery where his children slept.

Check out more of what Ilyasah had to say in the above clip, including why she believes the Black Lives Matter movement needs goals and a agenda.

You can purchase "X: A Novel" here.