During his sit-down with DJ Vlad, Montana of 300 talked about the struggles of getting radio stations in Chicago to support him. Though he admits to being antisocial, he explains to that some well-known artists have put bugs in some DJ's ears to block his music and since then has passed a few interview invitations from them. "I've had artists in Chicago—who was kind of known and getting played on the radio before me—who've hated on me before. He says they had DJs ask, "'Hey, is Montana with Y'all?' and it's like 'Nah, he's not with us, we don't f*** with him.'"

He says the DJ's response would be, "'We're not going to play his s***,'" which left bad blood between him and stations. Even publications have fed into the hatred and backed away from supporting his music, and he says he's gotten apologies from those who've shunned him in the past. In this interview, Montana discusses why he'd rather be the best in the world versus being the best from Chicago, supporting his artists, his face tattoos, and his album "Don't Doubt The God," which is expected to drop next year.