Singer and former member of the kid group Immature, Marques Houston is now a practicing Jehovah’s witness and recently posted pictures on Instagram showing him preaching the religion’s message door to door.

He is seen in a dress shirt and suspenders in one picture holding up the group’s literature with the message “who controls the world.” He also gave it a caption to describe what he was doing. “Out in Service Day 3. #covisitweek #WhoReallyControlsTheWorld #JW I love being out in Service doing Jehovah’s work. #JesusWentDoorToDoor that’s why we do it." Houston even calls himself Brother Houston on Instagram. Another one of his photos posted for Throwback Thursday documents his transformation from what he described as “the world.” He used an older picture of himself where he still had some facial hair. “#Throwbackchallenge #TBT to when I was in the world with all my facial hair. It is amazing how Jehovah not only transforms u from the outside but most importantly the inside #ILOVEJEHOVAH #jw Thank you for rescuing me out of the world should to my boy @curlllyyyfor the #ThrowBackChallenge,” he wrote.

Famous singers such as Prince and Michael Jackson were also practicing Jehovah’s witnesses. Prince had been known to host Bible studies and spoke openly about his faith in interviews. Rapper Ja Rule was also raised as a Jehovah’s witness but later converted to evangelical Christianity. Houston had been out of the spotlight for some time. He rose to fame in the 1990s with his group Immature, later known as IMX, and eventually went solo.