This year, Afrika Bambaataa was accused of sexual assault by Ronald Savage, 50, who was known as "Bee Stinger" during his time in the Zulu Nation. Savage says the incident happened in 1980 when he was 15-years-old and claims the abuse severely damaged him emotionally. Recently, DJ Vlad spoke to Lord Jamar about his affiliation with the Zulu Nation while working out of the same studio. Although the Brand Nubian rapper says he never saw any abuse first hand, he recalls hearing stories of Bambaataa'ssecurity guard allegedly witnessing him in a sexual act and ultimately "whooped his a**" for it.

Interestingly enough, Lord Jamar says that there have been gay rumors about Bambaataa for over two decades. "We been heard this about Bam; that he was gay." He told DJ Vlad, "Man I heard this 20 years ago." When the rapper was asked his thoughts about Bee Stinger's allegations andBambaataa denying that he knew who the alleged victim was, Lord Jamar says that's when the red flag was raised. "There's no way that you didn't know who Bee Stinger was," he said the alleged victim was always around.

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