Boosie is known for having some of the most attention grabbing chains in hip-hop, and the Louisiana-born rapper spoke exclusively to VladTV about his extensive jewelry collection. Boosie revealed that while he believes his collection is worth $1 million, and possibly much more, he doesn't pay for any of his jewelry. He explained that since he brings his jeweler so much money, he gets great perks, like free jewelry.

After revealing that he feels like he brought back the trend of wearing big chains when he was released from prison, Boosie said that his jewelry is like "bait" to some people that may not be familiar with his music. He explained that people are so blown away with his big, flashy chains that they are intrigued to listen to his music after seeing him.

Check out more of what Boosie had to say during the above interview, including his thoughts on 50 Cent and Webbie's alleged boxing bet.